Privacy Policy

Do you know what happens to all the information collected on a website while you click through the website? With us, you will, because we'd like to share it with you. On this page, you can read what we do with such information.
Yes, we store certain data. We use Google Analytics as well as the software of Merwin Online so we can get an idea of the surfing behavior of our visitors. We'll show you which data we store and what we do with it.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is assumably the most used tool to monitor user behaviour. We also use this tool from Google. We store all collected data only for 24 months and completely anonymously. So no IP addresses, e-mails or any other personal information are made available to Google. The scary things that we know are the following:

  • The country from which the site was visited
  • Language preferences
  • Which pages were visited in a session
  • Duration of the session and page visit

We are not able to link this information to you personally, nor would we want to. For us, it is important to know which pages are being read and used and where our visitors come from. With this information we can develop more relevant articles, post relevant messages and offer new language options in the future.

Merwin Online

Our software is written by Merwin Online. Within the software package that we have compiled, a number of things are stored depending on where you are on the website.
When you visit a page, the visit is recorded, as well as the country from which the request was made. This is linked to the time of the visit, but no personal information, like your IP address or anything else, is stored.